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Meet your Academic Advisor

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Supporting Student Success: Career and Academic Advising

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of receiving that all-important CIA acceptance letter—for students and
their families alike. It marks the beginning of an exciting time when students find their place in the world, first
at the CIA and then in a fulfilling career in the food and hospitality industry.

You may be wondering: What support is available to help guide CIA students through their college experience
and help them progress through their degree program successfully?

As the director of the Center for Career and Academic Advising, I’d like to share a little of what my team does
to support our students during their time here at the CIA, as well as throughout their career.


The Perfect Pairing: Academics and Career

Academic life and career planning are fundamentally connected. That’s why the CIA takes a holistic approach
to its support services. When you’re a CIA student, your advisor is both an academic advisor and a career

The connection starts at admittance; the college links every student with an advisor before they get here.
And that relationship and support continues through your student’s entire CIA experience and beyond.

Getting to Know the CIA

The transition to college can be both exciting and challenging, especially for someone leaving home for
the very first time. An advisor can help ease that transition for students, helping them with even the smallest
issues—from navigating the campus and getting connected with the right software to building a résumé and figuring out how to do laundry! Students can choose to connect with a peer mentor as well, to gain a classmate’s perspective about how to best settle in.




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