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Our campus

The university is an urban campus curently comprising five buildings. The secure and private main campus is formed of two buildings (Building A and Building B), an auditorium and a spacious garden. Building A hosts administrative and faculty offices, student services and the main computer lab whilst Building B has the bulk of the classrooms, laboratories and faculty offices. Evans’ Hall, a liberty villa of 1920 just 100 yards from the main campus, is the site of the library, student lounges and a beautiful garden. Carini 23, a two-minute walk away on Via Carini, is a five story building of the ‘70s and is the location of design studios, faculty offices, and the Battista Multimedia Laboratory, a state of the art film production facility. Via Angelo Masina, an eight minute walk from the main campus, is the latest addition to AUR's extended campus and houses two classrooms and the Art Studios, and offers unrivalled views across the city. 



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