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Calculating GPA and Grading Scales

GPA calculation might seem confusing at first because of the terminology involved:

  • Quality point values are based on the letter grade a student earns in a class (for example, a B+ is 3.3 quality points). See the chart below for all letter grade/quality point equivalencies.
  • Credit hours refer to the number of credits a class counts toward a degree. Most undergraduate courses are 3 credits.

To calculate your GPA:

  • Multiply the number of credits and the number of quality points for each class
    • Example: a B+ in a 3 credit class
      3.3 x 3= 9.9
  • Add the total from each class
  • Divide the total quality points by the total number of credit hours

You can use this formula to calculate your GPA by semester or your cumulative GPA of all your Rowan University classes.

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